Pope's Climate Push at Odds with U.S. Church's Energy Investments. By Richard Valdmanis, Reuters, 8/12/2015. Despite Pope Francis' strong words on climate and environmental protection being central to the Catholic mission, "some of the largest American Catholic organizations have millions of dollars invested in energy companies, from hydraulic fracturing firms to oil sands producers, according to their own disclosures, through many portfolios intended to fund church operations and pay clergy salaries.

This discrepancy between the church's leadership and its financial activities in the United States has prompted at least one significant review of investments. The Archdiocese of Chicago, America's third largest by Catholic population, told Reuters it will reexamine its more than $100 million worth of fossil fuel investments."

New York Ahead of the Game on Cutting Emissions. By Jon Campbell, Lohud.com, 8/9/2015. "With a head start, a wider scope and its own more-rigorous goals, New York won’t have much extra work to do to meet the president’s mandated cut in carbon emissions from power plants.

The state is on track to meet the mandate — which calls for a 32 percent nationwide cut — more than a decade before the federal Clean Power Plan’s 2030 deadline, boosted in large part by its own, more-aggressive goals laid out in an update to the New York State Energy Plan this year."