Save the Humans. By Hayden Higgins, The Morning News, 10/28/2015. "Climate change is just so well beyond a simple environmental issue." A roundtable conversation about the connections between climate change and social, economic, and racial justice.
After Record-Shattering September, 2015 Is On Track to Be Hottest Year on Record. By Jason Samenow, Washington Post, 10/21/2015. "September is the fifth straight month of 2015 to set a record high. Seven of nine months this year have ranked as top warmest. The only two months to fall short were January and April, which ranked second and third-warmest. Year-to-date, 2015 stands alone as the warmest on record by the sizable margin of 0.21 degrees (0.12 Celsius)."
Faster Track to Better Carbon Prices. By Grzegorz Peszko, The World Bank, 9/25/2015. "Europe is no longer alone in pricing greenhouse gas emissions. Several national and sub-national jurisdictions – from the US, China, Canada, Japan and the Republic of Korea to Chile and South Africa – have followed suit and often charge higher prices for a broader range of emissions than the European Union.
Covering about 12 percent of global CO2 emissions, carbon pricing instruments are yet to become the “new normal” in the world’s economic landscape, but clearly they are no longer in their infancy.