In Swing States, Voters Want Action on Climate Change. By Emily Atkin, ThinkProgress, 7/24/2015. "A poll released Thursday by Quinnipiac University found that a majority of voters in Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia agree with Pope Francis that the world should increase efforts to combat the phenomenon, which scientists say is caused by carbon emissions. Those voters also overwhelmingly believe that climate change is caused by human activity, a fact that many Republican presidential candidates have so far been wary to address or accept...Each of the three states’ voters agreed that climate action is needed by approximately 2-1 margins, with anywhere from 62 to 65 percent of voters agreeing and 25 to 31 percent disagreeing, depending on the state."
Rooftop Solar Is Booming, But It May Be More Vulnerable Than You Think. By David Roberts, Vox, 7/27/2015. "Rooftop solar is booming in the US. It grew 76 percent last year, and many expect that growth to accelerate. But a new bit of analysis from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory suggests that the growth trajectory of residential solar is more precarious than that, highly dependent upon current policies...One way to ameliorate the self-limiting effects of greater solar penetration is energy storage, which can "spread out" rooftop solar power to better capture variable electricity prices."
Hillary Clinton Unveils Far-Reaching Climate Plan, By Trip Gabriel and Coral Davenport, New York Times, New York Times. "Promising more than a half-billion solar panels by the end of a first term and an ambitious target of clean energy for every home in America in a decade, Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled goals on Sunday evening to reduce the threat of climate change. She said she would continue President Obama’s sweeping plan to limit carbon emissions from power plants, and announced targets that even push beyond current goal’s for greenhouse gases."